Information about "LZ 1"

The first Zeppelin-Airship LZ 1

Original postcard from the first take-off of LZ 1
Technical specifications of LZ 1
dockyard Manzell at Lake Constance
lenght of the experimental airship 420 ft. (128 m)
max. diameter 38 ft. (11,65 m)
number of gas cells 17
volume of the lifting gas 399,000 ft³ (11.300 m³)
Power HP(total.)
2 Daimler-Engines / 
28 HP, later 32 HP
number of godolas / cars 2 (open design)
number of propellers 4
The LZ 1 was made of an aluminium structure, which had a very long cylindrical centrepiece. The ends had a parabolical design. The frame, which was build by longitudinal girders and (cross-) rings, had the gas-cells (cylindrical balloons) within, which included the lifting gas (hydrogen). The framework structure was covered by fabric, to achieve a better aerodynamic shape. To this rigid structure the two control cars have been attached to, which contained the engines and controls. As a connection between the two cars there was a catwalk, also fixed to the structure. The rudder control followed by small control surfaces, the elevator control by a sliding weight. This sliding weight was freely suspended under the airship and could have been moved over winches. So the ship could be controled in its banking to get a higher or lower altitude, because of the dynamic in cause of the engines. (Like an elevator-contol via ballonets for blimps)
The framework of LZ 1 under construction